Diseases & Conditions

Common veterinary ultrasound uses.

01 – Pancreatitis

Common and sometimes life-threatening disease can often be confirmed and its severity can occasionally be determined by ultrasound.

02 – Cancers

Can often be detected early enough to allow surgical removal before metastasis (the spread to other organs) occurs.

03 – Bladder Stones and/or Kidney Stones

Even some stones that do not show up on radiographs can be found with ultrasound and a thorough assessment for urethral or ureteral obstruction can be performed.

04 – Abdominal Disease

  • Enlarged or painful abdomen with suspicious changes in routine lab tests
  • Infected gallbladders
  • Enlarged adrenal glands
  • Kidneys damaged by toxins (such as antifreeze)
  • Diffuse liver disease
  • Enlarged lymph nodes and reproductive tract abnormalities, such as an infected uterus or inflamed prostate gland
  • Measurement of walls of the heart, the individual heart valves evaluation, systemic pressures assessment, and pulmonary pressures and contractility
  • When fluid accumulated around the abdominal organs, it diminishes the capability of radiographs. Ultrasound is excellent in determining whether the cause of that condition is a poorly functioning heart or disease in the abdominal organs

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