Darcie Argentina

Darcie Argentina

About Darcie Argentina

Darcie Argentina is the veterinary sonographer for SAVS and a scanning instructor for SOUND, the Academy of Veterinary Imaging.

Darcie has spent the past 21 years building her career as a veterinary sonographer. As a veterinary technician since 1996, she spent the vast majority of her time in the diagnostic imaging aspect of specialty medicine assisting with special procedures such as endoscopy, rhinoscopy, thoracoscopy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, cystoscopy, ultrasonography and echocardiography. Darcie’s knowledge of the machines, equipment, and animal anatomy has become highly advanced and she is now the Head Technician of the Special Procedures department. Because of her extensive experience, Darcie was given an opportunity to learn to perform the ultrasounds instead of just assisting in 2005. This opportunity given to veterinary technicians was mostly unheard of in veterinary medicine at the time.

Since then, Darcie has attended hundreds of hours of continued education courses, completed the studies, and satisfied the requirements for a Certificate of Completion in Advanced Imaging from SOUND, the Academy of Veterinary Imaging. Darcie also has the privilege of being mentored by several veterinary radiologists throughout the country and has created a solid network of professional references for a continuous source of education and guidance. Darcie makes every effort to stay current with progressive medicine and the ever-changing advancements in technology by attending yearly conferences and seminars through the ACVR and is a member of their Veterinary Ultrasound Society.

In her free time, Darcie enjoys the open road on her motorcycle, walking wilderness trails with her dogs, and snuggle time at home with her cats. All of which wouldn’t be complete without her best friend and biggest supporter in life, her husband Dave.