Who makes a better pet: the dog, considered to be man’s best friend? Or, the cat who has more of a reputation for being an aloof roommate? Despite those perceptions, our pets’ personalities are more based on how we as humans actually interact with them rather than how they actually are. Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat lover, there are probably a million-and-one reasons why you love your pet. However, there is scientific evidence that being a cat owner is far better than owning man’s best friend. Surprised? We’ll show you how cats make great pets! Here are 3 scientific reasons why cats make purr-fect pets.

Cats Keep You Healthier

University of Minnesota researchers conducted a study of both dog and cat owners and found that cat owners were 40% less likely to die from a heart attack than someone who’s never owned a cat. Dog owners appeared to not be able to enjoy the same health benefits. However, both types of pets can relieve stress and lower blood pressure.

Another reason why cats make great pets has to do with its purring. A cat’s purring frequency is similar to the frequencies used in ultrasound therapy. It can be beneficial for treating humans who have edema, pain, and issues with muscle or bone growth. Children who are exposed to a cat early on in life are also less likely to develop allergies of any type.

Cats Make Great Pets Because They Protect You from Pests

Having a cat in your home will typically keep rats and mice from calling your place home. If one of these vermin invites themselves into your home, a cat’s predatory nature will generally kick in and it becomes a furry terminator. These feline pets also love to hunt insects such as flies and moths. While there are a few breeds of dogs that can be just as effective in pest control, it’s usually not their nature to consider this task a high priority.

Cats Are Cheaper To Own And Maintain

Another good reason why cats make great pets involves their costs. Cats cost less than dogs overall to own and take care of. Initial adoption fees are lower as well as food, toys, and supplies. If you take your cat to an emergency vet, you may end up spending less money on medical bills. Taking your cat to the veterinarian to get spayed or neutered will cost you around $145 on average. For a dog, that cost rises to between $190 to $220 for the same veterinary services.

If one of your pets needs emergency vet services, you’ll spend less on a cat then you will for a dog. According to the American Pet Products Association, an emergency vet surgery for a feline will cost $245. Teeth extractions, benign skin masses, and certain types of cancer are the most common reasons for a cat to visit an emergency animal hospital. Approximately 70% of cats exhibit signs of dental disease by the time they are three years old. For dogs, an emergency vet visit is around $474 on average. If the dog needs surgery, it can get much more expensive than it would for a cat. The most common surgical procedures performed by animal vets on dogs include ACL repairs on damaged knees, skin ailments, and cancers.

Both pets are great companions who provide us with lots of love and laughter. But when it comes to overall health benefits, cats win paws down as the better pets according to science. No matter which furry pet you choose, what matters most is your incredible lifelong bond of friendship.

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