We all love our pets as if they were a part of our families. Often times, couples get pets before they have children, so their dog or cat is almost like their first born child. Why would you have a pet if you did not love them with all your heart?

Veterinarians and animal hospitals alike would agree that our pets know and appreciate when they receive love from us. But how exactly do we let our pets know that we love them? Below you will find a few great ways for us to show our pets some love.


Our pets love it when we give them a nice rub down. Wait until they’re relaxed and pet your dog in the places you know they love. The shoulders and the hip areas are typically some favorite scratch spots. If your pet is enjoying it, they will probably stretch out their legs and roll over to allow you to keep massaging them.


Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to get you and your pet some much-needed exercise. Pet hospitals certainly recommend regular walks for you and your four-legged friend for health and recreational reasons. Take your pup to their favorite spot after a long work week to get out, feel the fresh air, and spend time with your best friend.


Take care of your pet by making sure their bodies are always in tip-top shape. Give them a bath, cut their nails, and brush their hair. They may not love the experience, but they’ll certainly enjoy feeling clean afterward. You can take your pet to a groomer or even an animal hospital for these pet care services.

Play Dates

Your dogs love to play with other dogs. Invite over some friends and their fur babies for an awesome play date. You and your pals can interact with the dogs and play with toys, or let the dogs have fun on their own. Either way, your pet will appreciate the play time.

Healthy Treats

Last but not least, one of the best ways to show your pet some love is by giving them tasty treats. Give them a reward for good behavior with their favorite after dinner snack. However, it’s extremely important to give your pets treats that are good for them, like dental sticks. By age three, approximately 80% of dogs and 70% of cats start showing signs of dental disease. This can lead to loose teeth, chronic pain, and even abscesses. So always make sure your furry friend’s treats are both nutritious and delicious.

Show your pet some love today by keeping them healthy, active, and snuggled! Regularly take them to animal hospitals or vet offices to make sure that they are as healthy as they are happy.