What Your Neighbors Are Saying…

Our beloved dog was diagnosed with cancer and received radiation treatment at this location. Dr. Klein and her staff were wonderful and treated our dog with loving care during the sessions as well as the follow-up visits. My dog loved seeing the staff here even though it was a difficult time for her. All the treatment options and pricing were thoroughly discussed and nothing were out of the ordinary in term of standard oncology care. The people here truly do what they do because they care. Sadly, the prognosis was never good for our dog and after 7 months of fighting, and we let her go. However, I thank the staff here for their professionalism and compassion provided to us and our dog.
I had to take my terminally ill cat a few months ago, and everybody there went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure my kitty was very well taken care of. They did absolutely everything to try and help him. I’m very satisfied with the vets, the techs and the front desk staff. Thank you so much for the care and kindness you provided to Poopy in his last days.

I will definitely continue to use their services. Worth every penny.


I have used many services here for one of my cats. He sees Dr. Bailey on a regular basis, has used the 24 hr ER services and Ophthalmology dept. I really like Dr. Bailey, she explains things so that I can understand them and when I always ask about additional testing she says it’s not necessary at this time so I feel like they’re not trying to take my money. She also spends a lot of time with him, it’s not a rushed visit. I trust her over any other vet that I have been to, and with 8 cats I have been to many.


First of Its Kind

At the time, Tucson did not have a multi-specialty veterinary group for patients with multiple or complicated needs. As a result, pet owners were required to travel between several veterinary clinics to care for their animals. The goal of SAVS was to make exceptional veterinary care accessible to local pet owners

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