Monsoons are seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation and can be used to describe atmospheric circulation, precipitation, and temperature changes. These storms can come and go with relatively little damage but can also destroy farmlands, cause severe economic loss, and even harm pets.

In Arizona, where monsoons are much more prevalent than other parts of the country, pets and stray animals are in danger during these storms. The changing winds, decreasing temperatures, and extended periods of rain can frighten and confuse pets, often leading them to scurry about and potentially run into oncoming traffic. We really don’t want that happening to your pet, though! To get ready for any sort of weather situation, here are 4 great tips when preparing your pets for a monsoon.

Turn up the volume

If your pet is visibly frightened, simply turning up your TV or radio volume might help. Doing this will drown out the monsoon’s intimidating noise and your pet will either jam out with you to your favorite tunes or judge you for watching bad reality TV at the loudest volume. Conversely, there are noise-cancelling kennels available, which can give your pooch the serenity it craves in a big storm.

Cuddle, cuddle, and cuddle

Like you really need an excuse to snuggle your pet? When your pet is scared, holding them can help them feel much more comfortable. However, if you’re too dramatic, they’ll likely pick up on the fact that something is wrong and they could be even more fearful. Try just sitting next to them and petting them like you normally would. Also, give them a warm blanket and their favorite squeak toy.

Make sure they are healthy

When preparing your pets for a monsoon, you need to ensure that your pets are in good health. If they aren’t feeling well during adverse weather conditions, they will feel even more anxious. If you have a young pet, it’s imperative that you stay on top of their vaccinations, as well. You’ll need to bring your kitty or puppy in for vaccines every three to four weeks (until they are 16 years old). There are specialty veterinarian services in Tucson that can help with all kinds of pet-related issues.

Help them get comfortable

If sitting on the couch isn’t calming your pet’s nerves, you can try a few other things at home to get them comfortable. Grab an old t-shirt of yours and let them relax on it. Your scent can often calm their nerves, letting them know you’re right there. Also, since some dogs love their crate, open up their crate and toss that shirt, some of their favorite toys, and some other comfy blankets in so they can feel safe. Filling the crate with blankets and shirts will help muffle the sounds of the monsoon, as well.

You don’t need to wait for an emergency to become familiar with our veterinary services. If you want to learn more about how to prepare your pets for a monsoon, get the best care you can find for all of your pet’s health needs. We are more than just an animal hospital. Contact us today or directly call us at 520-888-3177 for more information about our specialty and 24-hour emergency services.