If you’re looking for a gift for your dog for this holiday season, you should consider health wellness gifts. By giving health wellness gifts to the dog or dogs you love, you can help the pups in your life stay happy and healthy all year long. Below are some great gift ideas to help that special dog stay active, engaged, and happy this holiday season.

Gifts That Will Help Your Dog Stay Active

Health wellness gifts that keep your dog active will not only make your veterinarian happy, they can keep your dog happy as well. An active dog is a healthy dog, and prioritizing pet health is important all year long. Here are a few gifts that will keep your dog happy and healthy during this holiday season:

Small Tennis Balls – If your dog could play fetch for hours, these balls are great. They are small enough that no matter the size of your dog, they can easily fetch these balls. Getting your dog running back and forth after these balls will keep your pet active and moving even if you can’t get outside for exercise.

A Light-Up Harness – If you find yourself cutting your dog’s winter walks short because of the setting sun or you don’t want to let your dog out to run at night because you’re afraid of losing them, this is a great gift. The harness has lights attached to it that make your dog completely unmissable at all times. Now you can take your dog for long nighttime strolls without the fear of losing them in a dark section of the park. You can even get yourself a matching vest so you can both be extra visible at night.

An Automatic Ball Launcher – If your dog’s stamina for fetch lasts much longer than your own, an automatic ball launcher may be the solution. You will have to train your dog to drop their ball into the right spot, but after that, they will be able to keep going all day. This model is equipped to work both outdoors and indoors, and it also has a motion sensor so that it can ensure your dog is a safe distance away before it shoots out the ball.

Health Wellness Gifts For Brain Stimulation

If you’re looking to make sure that your dog stays bright and aware no matter their age, these gifts are some great options for you:

A Puzzle Treat Tray – If your dog is food driven, they will love this tray, which will challenge them to figure out where the treat or food is hiding. If your dog has issues with eating too quickly, this can also help slow them down.

A Nesting Toy – If your dog loves to search for their toys, a larger toy with smaller squeaky toys inside it is a great way to keep them engaged.

A KONG Toy – KONG toys come in a multitude of durabilities and sizes, so you can buy the perfect kind for your dog, whether you have a puppy or a senior. Just fill the kong with xylitol free peanut butter or the treat that KONG has designed to put in the toy.

Healthy Snacks

If your dog has pet allergies, make sure that you are considering that when you are buying any treats or snacks for them. Here are a few types of treats that will make your dog happy without hurting their health:

Rawhide Replacement – If you’re hesitant to give your dog a rawhide treat, these are a great alternative made with all-natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins. Plus, they’re shaped like churros, so they’re adorable.

Soft Chews for Joint Health – No matter your dog’s age, making sure their joints stay healthy is important. These soft chews are great for dogs with existing arthritis issues or any large breed.

Greenies – Many dog owners know the undying love that many dogs have for greenies. In addition to the great taste, these treats will help with your dog’s dental health. They make them in different sizes and variations for different dog sizes and ages, so you can get the perfect ones for your pup.

There are about 90 million pet dogs in the United States, but since you love your own pup like they’re the only dog in the world, make sure you buy health wellness gifts for them this holiday season.

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