You’re a dog lover. What’s not to love? They’re adorable, friendly, and loyal. Tons of people have dogs. In fact, even during the most recent recession, 92% of pet owners spent the same amount of money or more on their animals.

Why More Than One?

When you’re an animal lover, it’s hard to have just one. Fortunately, there’s nothing wrong with desiring a home filled with fur. However, it is important to consider how your current animals will react when new animals are brought into the house.

Pet owners usually have the best of intentions when bringing another dog into the mix. After all, shouldn’t your furry best friend have a friend to play with and nap with? We picture it to be a beautiful companionship. But what a lot of people don’t think about is that your current pet might not see it that way.

What You Didn’t Think About

Dogs are instinctively protective creatures and can often feel threatened when a new animal is brought into the household. The hierarchy needs to be established. Occasionally, both dogs want to be the alpha dog. This can cause some fighting, which may even lead to serious injury to either dog.

If this occurs, there is no need to panic. There are plenty of 24-hour animal hospitals, emergency vets, and regular pet hospitals available to give your dogs the proper care they need. It is important to bring your injured dog to a veterinarian at a 24-hour animal hospital, where care is available around the clock. Having a plan in case of emergency is essential for introducing the new dog you’ve brought home.

How to Make Peace Between Your Pooches

Dog expert Cesar Millan tells us that there are ways to amend the seemingly toxic relationship between a dog and its new companion:

Introduction – Cesar says that it is important to have a person that your dog is already familiar with when the dogs meet for the first time. It is also helpful to have the dogs meet in a neutral territory. In other words, don’t bring the new dog to a place where your current dog feels dominant.

Food Placement – Don’t put one dog’s food bowl right next to the other’s. That way they will not feel like they are competing for food. This can also prevent them from eating out of each other’s bowls, which could cause a fight.

Alpha vs. Beta – It is important to let the dogs establish the hierarchy for themselves. Do not try to defend the dog that is seemingly submissive, and do not favor one over the other.

Dogs meeting for the first time might fight. That’s okay! In the majority of cases, there won’t be any serious injuries. A nip here or there is common. Of course, if anything more serious happens, take advantage of a 24-hour animal hospital, and incorporate these tips to help your new dog fit right in.