It’s no secret that pets are often considered just as much a part of the family as any other family member. However, even if you consider man’s best friend a part of the family, they shouldn’t be welcomed at the holiday dinner table. It can be tempting to give your furry friend a table scrap here or there, especially around the holidays, but in fact, doing so might cause pancreatitis, an unfortunate disease that may develop in your pet. Here’s how pet pancreatitis could happen and how you can prevent it.

Fatty Foods Hurting Fido

Even if you think your pet is going to enjoy a bit of a treat from the holiday table, your table scrap could send them to a 24-hour vet if you aren’t careful. This is because foods often served during the holiday season are especially high in fats. That delicious piece of ham or turkey probably has too high of a fat content for your dog to safely eat, even if they do seem to enjoy the taste.

Dogs tend to eat foods that are much, much higher in fat than is healthy during the holiday season because their humans want to share in the festivities. However, this can lead to pet pancreatitis, a condition that can cause your dog to experience stomach pain, diarrhea, and changes in energy levels. Many cases of pancreatitis in dogs seen by specialty veterinarians occur during the holiday season as a direct result of animals being fed foods too high in fat.

How To Avoid Pet Pancreatitis

Luckily, pet pancreatitis is fairly easy to avoid. If you want to protect your pet this holiday season, here is how you can help your furry friend stay safe:

Regular checkups

Proper preventative care is key to addressing and treating most diseases and conditions, but this is especially true for easily avoidable conditions like pancreatitis. Veterinarians generally recommend bringing your pet in for a check-up once per year, or twice per year for elderly pets.

Avoid fatty foods

Pancreatitis is directly associated with consuming too many foods that are higher in fat content. Make sure your pets stay away from fatty foods. Even if you can digest it just fine, your stomach works very differently from your dog’s.

Opt for healthy treats

Just because your dog can’t eat that piece of ham or turkey doesn’t mean you can’t find something to share with them. Certain vegetables are actually incredibly healthy for your dog, and these are perfectly safe to share with them. Just make sure they haven’t had extra fats added to them, like butter or gravy.

If you want to make sure your pet has a happy holiday too, stay away from fatty foods that could send them to a 24-hour animal hospital. By feeding your pet healthy, safe, and low-fat treats, your pet can enjoy the holidays just as much as you and the rest of your family. Be sure to keep pet pancreatitis at bay with these tips, even if it means Fido skipping on a few table scraps this year.

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