Cats are special creatures that capture our hearts. We love them so much that we can even spend hours on the Internet enjoying memes about them. They rely on us to help them live all nine lives to the fullest. During the month of February, we set aside some special time to honor these feline fur babies and give them some extra tender loving care. Here are five tips to promote health in cats during February National Cat Health Month:

Feline Fuel

Cats require proper nutrition to stay healthy and strong. Specialty veterinarian services can recommend a proper diet for your cat’s activity level and age. High-quality cat food with organic meats and taurine will give your feline the fuel it needs. Keep treats to around 5% of their diet and be careful when feeding them people food.

Litter Box Hygiene

The litter box can be a host for many infectious diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Cleaning the litter box on a daily basis will help fight bacteria and parasites that can cause you and your cat harm. Wash the litter box once a week using a mild unscented detergent and water. If you notice that your cat is going to the bathroom more often or creating accidents suddenly, you should make an appointment with a specialty veterinarian right away. This can help diagnose or rule out any medical issues.

Medical Checkups

Your cat may fight tooth and claw about taking a trip to see a veterinarian but it’s necessary to maintain good cat health. Cats don’t typically show signs of illness until it may be too late. Specialty veterinarian services can help diagnose early signs of cancer and treat them before they become too serious. Veterinarians recommend that older pets have checkups at least twice a year.

Claw Control

Cats have to scratch in order to remove old outer nail sheaths. This helps keep their claws smooth and sharp. You can cut your cat’s nails about every two weeks to keep them blunt enough to reduce harm to your arms and furniture. A sturdy scratching post that is about three feet high will also help your cat’s urge to scratch.

Dental Care

Have you ever tried brushing a cat’s teeth? Often, it’s not a fun experience for either side of the toothbrush. However, periodontal disease is a common life-threatening problem that can be prevented. Periodontal disease can cause damage to internal organs and other serious health issues. To make the experience more feline-friendly, try dipping your finger in a meat broth and rub it on your cat’s gums. You can then gradually introduce gauze or a toothbrush with a bit of broth to get your cat used to the idea.

Make February National Cat Health Month a time where you provide extra care and attention for your feline friend. If you need specialty veterinarian services, research online or ask family and friends for recommendations. Your cat relies on you to help stay healthy, so keep the purr going strong.

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