During winter, plenty of people catch a somewhat regular cold or flu; winter weather tends to compromise the human immune system, so it makes sense that many people would fall ill during the winter. But what about your pets? Can your dog get a cold or flu the same way humans do? Read on to learn about whether your furry friend can catch the dog flu or colds the same way you do during the winter months.

Dog Colds: Can dogs get colds?

Luckily, your furry friend is more than welcome to help nurse you back to health if you’ve got a cold. Dogs can absolutely get colds, but the kind of cold that infects dogs and the kind of cold that infects humans are two entirely different strains. Therefore, if you’ve caught a bit of a cold, your dog will be perfectly safe to help keep you company while you’re sick at home without requiring an unexpected trip to a veterinary specialty center.

However, dogs can pass colds to one another, in much the same way that humans can pass colds back and forth. If your dog has a cold, be careful and limit their contact with other dogs until a few days after they’re back to full health. That way you can make sure your friends’ and family’s dogs don’t catch a cold as well.

Dog Flu: Can dogs get the flu?

Unfortunately, if you’ve caught the flu, you won’t be quite as lucky. Dogs can catch and develop the dog flu from their humans, and they can pass the flu to humans as well. Because humans and dogs are able to pass the flu back and forth, you’ll need to take extra care to not spread the infection. Be careful when feeding or giving water to your dog; wash your hands any time you refill either dish. Additionally, make sure your dog doesn’t get into any used tissues or anything that might make them develop the dog flu.

Colds and the Flu: What about cats?

For the 38,900,000 households that own cats, similar situations apply; cats can catch colds, but not of the same variety as humans. If your cat is sick with a cold make sure you keep them away from other cats to avoid spreading the illness. If you or your cat have the flu, take extra care to avoid spreading the illness by changing bedding, washing hands, and being careful when refilling water or food dishes.

What to do when your pet is sick

A cold or dog flu can be extremely detrimental to your dog’s health, so take every precaution necessary to ensure they’ll be back to their normal self. Most of the time, if your pet is sick, they’ll recover within a matter of days or a week on their own. However, if your pet does not recover after two weeks or so, or if your pet has a compromised immune system, you’ll want to visit an emergency veterinarian or veterinary specialty center. A veterinary specialty center will be able to help you take care of your sick pets properly, as well as prescribing any medications needed to help fight the infection. Make sure to take your pet to veterinarians regularly to keep them at full health, especially if they’re sick.

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