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3 Great Strategies for Introducing a Cat to a Dog

When you bring a new pet into an environment where another pet has already staked a claim, it can feel like you’re flirting with disaster. The truth is that learning how to introduce a cat to a dog isn’t too tough if you have the right strategy in place. Here are three effective strategies to [...]

Tips to Maintain Your Dog’s Weight This Summer

As a dog owner, you’re responsible for keeping your dog healthy and happy, and that includes on how you maintain your dog’s weight. Ensure your dog is at optimal weight and can run around this summer without a struggle. With the following tips and the number to emergency vet services in case of an emergency, [...]

3 Common Causes of Pet Poisoning and How to Control Them

About 214,000 cases of pet poisoning are reported in the United States. Given that many of these poisoning cases are caused by everyday household items, it’s important for pet parents to learn about pet poison control. It’s estimated that 38,900,000 American households own cats. If you’re one of these pet owners, you should be well [...]

Keeping Your Pet Happy And Healthy In The New Year

Pet health is vital for a happy and vibrant pet. So, with a new year upon us, how can you resolve to keep your pet happy and healthy? We have great tips that are sure to bring the barks, purrs, and love that will last all year long! Create A Schedule For Regular Doctor’s Visits [...]

Valentine’s Day Gifts and Treats for Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love with the people you love. But what about our furry friends? Your four-legged companions also deserve a treat to celebrate this special time of year. But what kinds of Valentine’s Day gifts are safe to give your pet? Here are just a few ideas to help you determine [...]

How to Make Sure Your Pet Travel is Safe

January 2 is National Pet Travel Safety Day, but making sure that you’re traveling safely with your pet is always important. Whether you’re one of the 38.9 million people who own a cat or the even larger number of people who own dogs, below are some tips to help you travel safely with your pet. [...]

Last Minute Health & Wellness Gifts for Dogs

If you’re looking for a gift for your dog for this holiday season, you should consider health wellness gifts. By giving health wellness gifts to the dog or dogs you love, you can help the pups in your life stay happy and healthy all year long. Below are some great gift ideas to help that [...]

Tips for Reducing Holiday Pet Stress

The holidays are a special and magical time for us, but we should consider the stress our pets endure during these times. There are a few things to keep in mind as the holidays approach that can help minimize holiday pet stress. Here are some tips that will be sure to make the holidays as [...]

4 Ways to Introduce a Dog to Your Cat

Some people may fear keeping both pet dogs and pet cats in their household. However, you can take the lead role when introducing a dog and cat so that they can live peacefully. If you ever wonder “how do I introduce a dog to my cats?”, the following steps will guide you to make the [...]

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