We know that nothing is more important to you than your pet’s health, which is why it’s important to schedule regular visits and check-ups with your veterinarian, just as you would with your own doctor.

What you may not realize is that some veterinary specialty centers go well beyond routine care to provide all kinds of services for your pet. Many of the services in these animal hospitals resemble human healthcare options, but with doctors and specialists trained in veterinary medicine. Read on to learn more about some of the special veterinary options at Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center.

  • Dentistry: Caring for your pet’s teeth is important for their overall health. By age three, around 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have signs of dental disease, which can then lead to loose teeth, abscesses, and chronic pain. Avoid these problems by taking your pet in for regular cleanings.
  • Internal Medicine: Animals can also suffer from a host of health problems, from diabetes to Lyme disease and from asthma to anemia. Our internal medicine veterinarians are trained in advanced diagnostic procedures and committed to finding and providing the best treatment possible.
  • Ophthalmology: Eye health and vision problems have always been common in pets, but today’s technologies allow us to address them with new and better options. Much like care for our own eyes, veterinary ophthalmology services are more advanced than ever before.
  • Oncology: Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in animals has come a long way in recent years. Everything from nutritional counseling to chemotherapy can be used to help care for your pet and help guide them to a full recovery.
  • Ultrasound: Veterinary services for ultrasounds offer a pain-free and non-invasive way to assess your pet’s abdominal health and internal organs. They’ve helped identify serious health issues in pets that previously might have gone undetected.

You don’t need to wait for an emergency to become familiar with our veterinary specialty centers. Get the best care you can find for all of your pet’s health needs. We are more than just an animal hospital. Call us for more information about a routine check-up or specialty services on site.