If you’re thinking about getting someone a pet for a gift, think again. Here are just some reasons why that is a bad idea.

You don’t know what you’re giving

When you give someone a pet as a gift, you really have no idea what you’re giving them. It’s hard to get background on a pet you’re given. This means the pet could have a history is illness, disease, aggression, or abuse, and you have no idea. All of these things will affect the experience between the recipient and the pet, and it’s not really fair to either of them.

It’s a long-term gift

You may think a cute puppy or kitten is a good idea right now, but they don’t stay that small and cute forever. According to data collected from many pet hospitals, the average dog lives 12.8 years, and cats can live anywhere from 10 to 15 years. You have to know that the recipient is ready for that kind of commitment. You also have to think about how much time the recipient has to take care of it. If they work and travel a lot, a pet isn’t a good idea.

It’s more of a responsibility than a gift

Pets are a huge responsibility. You have to feed them, give them water, potty train them, give them baths, play with them, and make sure they get enough exercise. They also need regular vet visits. That sounds less like a gift and more like a burden if the recipient isn’t 100% committed to the pet.

Getting a pet is a personal thing

When you choose a pet, it is a very personal thing. You want to make sure you have a chance to bond with the pet and choose one that is best for you. This pet will be around for years to come, so the bond is very important. Adding a middleman to that mix kind of makes that bonding moment impossible.

Animal hospitals in Tucson

90% of pet owners spend the same or more on their pets. Getting a pet is a decision that someone needs to make for themselves. If you do get a pet, make sure you visit animal hospitals in Tucson so the pet gets all the care they need. Finding a family veterinarian is very important to keep your furry friend happy & healthy.

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