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Soft tissue surgery encompasses surgery of the skin, abdomen, chest, ears, nose and throat. Soft tissue may also include reconstructive procedures following oncologic surgical procedures. At SAVSEC, our surgeons utilize advanced techniques and equipment to ensure the shortest and safest surgical experience for your pet. Since many pets undergoing soft tissue surgery are very ill or debilitated, the SAVSEC staff is highly experienced in surgical monitoring and critical care.

Common conditions and procedures performed at SAVSEC:

  • oral surgery
  • salivary mucoceles
  • cleft palate surgery
  • esophageal surgery
  • hiatal hernias of the stomach
  • prophlylatic and emergency gastropexy for gastric dilation-volvolus (GDV)
  • intestinal surgery including intussusceptions, foreign bodies and cancer
  • megacolon surgery in cats
  • diaphragmatic hernia repair
  • gall bladder surgery
  • liver lobe removal
  • portosystemic shunts of the liver
  • spleen removal
  • adrenal gland removal
  • kidney removal
  • ureteral surgery for ectopic ureter
  • urethral surgery for obstructions
  • brachycephalic airway surgery in dogs
  • foreign body removal
  • skin and reconstructive procedures for majors traumatic injuries or cancer

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