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KVOA Features Southern Arizona Veterinary Blood Bank....
Pet blood donors are saving other pets' lives.

Sometimes pets need blood in a crisis and that blood comes from other pets. That's right, pets can donate blood, and there's a blood drive for them right here in Tucson. Oolie does it, she's a Rottweiler mix, and she's helping save her own kind by donating her blood. Christine Warren is a blood bank coordinator at Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center and says right now Tucson receives blood from about 45 dog donors and 12 cat donors. Warren said, "Tucson Arizona has one of the largest volunteer veterinary blood banks in the country, and it may not seem like a lot but with those animals, we save lives nearly everyday."
Carrie Fairchild says she brings in her dog Oolie about once every 3 months.
Oolie is about 3 years old and all dogs and cats can donate blood in between the ages of 1 and 8 years old.
Fairchild said, "It feels great that she's helping other animals and she likes coming here."
The blood from a dog or a cat today will save the life of another pet in the future.
Fairchild said, "I know how I feel about Oolie and if I can help somebody else keep their dog in their life, that's wonderful."

The Morning Blend and SAVSEC team up to bring informative pet care to their viewers.

KGUN9's Morning Blend brings Tucson's best to its viewers. In SAVSEC's effort to provide the best quality pet care we have teamed with The Morning Blend to be sure that Tucson Pet owners are informed of emergency care and innovative treatments that are available for pets. SAVSEC Criticalist Dr. Jen Klaus, DVM, DACVECC informed viewers of our emergency and critical care at both of our Tucson facilities.


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